Build a new home

Please contact us to discuss the design and construction of a new home or renovation of your home that will fit with the architectural personality of your neighborhood utilizing local visionary architects (third party) and our construction team.

Renovate/Restore an existing home

Please contact us to discuss the renovation of an historic structure and/or additions to rowhouse, single-family or multi-use apartment complex.

David Shapinsky

Major renovation = excitement, fear, and a lot of decisions. Find a contractor is one of the first and most important of these decisions. After checking multiple contractors on cost, references, and intangibles, we decided to go with Peter and his team. He had the right combination of experience, intelligence, honesty, curiosity, creativity, and commitment. For our 3 floor major renovation, Peter took care of permits – no small feat given the structural changes envisioned by the architect – scheduling, and budgets. As demolition and construction got started, Peter guided us through all the choices and options, presenting them in sequence so we weren’t totally overwhelmed, and discussing the budgetary and scheduling impact of each choice. He was hugely helpful in pointing us to suppliers and products. And, he was always available to meet about some decision or to look over progress – coming to our rental house on many occasion or meeting on weekends. There were more than a few times when Peter did something better than anticipated at the same cost simply because that’s what he would do for himself. When our rental fell through and we needed to move back into the house sooner than expected, Peter prepared a space for us to sleep and prioritized the remaining work to get us moved into the most important parts of the house as quickly as possible. He is honest and frank about the “end” of a job; he anticipates coming back over the following year to fix, adjust, and troubleshoot. Three years later with a wonderful house, more beautiful than we ever imagined, he still came back for a few minor things. The process isn’t necessarily a straight-line or always easy, but it works if you have someone who listens, talks over issues, pays attention to details, gets the job done, and lets you know when there could be an impact to the budget – and who cares enough about the work and his clients to make it right. We’ve had other contractors and Peter is the only one who fits that description.